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   Steun Tibet

Open software loves free people

In November 2008, I was invited to the annual conference as member of the Community Council. The conference was held in Beijing, and of course we noticed international discussions before and during the Olympic Games, also in China.

We had a very good time at the conference, and really enjoyed the welcome by the Chinese organizers and society. The contacts were friendly and quite open, and I've got a very positive impression of the people and their energy and spirit. That is for the developers, students, community members, citizens I met while just walking around, trades people, and so on.

This gives me the strong faith that the people and authorities in China shall be able to change their minds with respect to the ideas and sentiments, that led to the occupation of Tibet, back in 1950. And that they will be able to help the people of Tibet to reach the freedom that they long for. Cor Nouws

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